Our ‘dare to try new ‘ things list

Some ideas when trying out new things in life include;
Taking up a new sport or physical fitness regimen.
Trying out new recipes.
Trying a new wardrobe or hairstyle look.
Visit a part of your city, town or county that you have never been to before.
Learn a new language.
Call someone that you haven’t chatted to for a while.
Start a blog. (We are glad that we did it)
Start a vlog.
Rearrange or reupholster the furniture in your hustle or home.
Take up videography or photography.
Keep a journal.
Start a garden.
Listen to music that you normally do not listen to.
Talk to a neighbour that you usually do not talk to.
Explore different cuisines.
Rear animals.
Begin collating family memories or history.
Play board games with family and friends.
Can you think of things that someone can begin to gain fresh perspectives in life?