Love, Intimacy & Sex in times of ‘Rona’ for the singleton

When I had a chat with some of my single friends and what they seek in a potential mate, these are some of the responses that I got.
“A mutual love for God.”
“A kind heart.”
“Gentle yet man enough.”
“We must both love family. Love children.”
“Physically and sexually attracted to each other.”
“Good sex.”
“A dreamer and a doer.”
“We write and speak well – I am a writer and words of affirmation is my greatest language of love”
“Emotionally available for each other.”
“Emotionally mature.”
“Financially independent.”
“Respects women.”
“Must respect me as a man.”
“’Must be fun”
“Must have an appreciation for either something intellectual or the creative/the arts sector.”
“Never feel rushed to be attached.” Or loneliness drive you to desperation thinking “better anyone than no one” “Continue growing you.” We are complete as human beings.”
“Who was yours will come right on time.”
“Better to be alone than in a bad relationship.”
“Better to be in an awesome relationship than alone.”
During these times of ‘Rona of social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines, many singles are engaging online and on social media. If they have privilege to meet they are wearing masks, and carrying hand sanitizers.
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Do you have any piece of advice for your singleton during these times of covid-19?

Have a Good Friday and weekend ahead.
© Kwambie Nyambane,
August 2020.

“Wacha niKwambie”
July 2020 – Love, intimacy and sex in the times of #operationpepeshamoto2020