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An Interview with Kenneth Otieno

An Interview with Kenneth Otieno, Commercial Director and Managing Partner Certeris Pharma Kenya on Infertility and Infertility products available

Love, Intimacy and Sex in the times of ‘Rona have been ‘Wacha niKwambie’s blog’s focus areas in the month of July 2020. To close our sexual wellness month we were privileged to interview Kenneth Otieno, Commercial Director and Managing Partner at Certeris Pharma, Kenya. Infertility is a great concern to many people who want to have children of their own, we truly hope that this interview is a mind opener.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: Please tell us about the Fertility Shoppe?

Kenneth Otieno: The Fertility Shoppe is the online page of The Women’s and Reproductive arm of Certeris Pharma. It’s basically our more public persona.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: What led to the Fertility Shoppe’s inception? What drives you?

Kenneth Otieno: The Fertility Shoppe was set up in response to customer needs and research on fertility trends in the country. We bring Global Brands to the discerning Kenyan consumer. For all the high birth rates data you see Kenya is still one of the most infertile countries in the world. I’m sure all of us know a couple or couples that have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive. This in many cases causes stress and even breakdown in those relationships. We focus on women primarily because regardless of the causes of infertility and childlessness women suffer disproportionate social and psychological stigma. We believe we are in a unique position to help many couples achieve their dream of having a baby in the most natural way possible.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: Please tell us more about Fertility – what are some of the challenges that people are experiencing?

Kenneth Otieno: Wow. To begin with fertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after one year of regular unprotected intercourse. From the few months running the page we seem to principally see two main type of infertility namely primary ( attempting to conceive for the first time) and secondary ( attempts to conceive subsequent children). The key issues if we are to rate them from the data we collect are: (a) Hormonal imbalance (b) Blocked tubes and (c) PCOS ( Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) (d) Male related mainly Azoospermia and poor sperm quality.

Elizabeth “’Kwambie”’ Nyambane: What range of products and services do you provide?

Kenneth Otieno: The Fertility Shoppe mainly deals in Consumer Healthcare Brands and Medical Devices. We represent a number of global companies and brands such as Conceive Plus range of fertility friendly lubricants and supplements, DB Pharma for the Fertipil range of supplements, Crevil for which we sell their intimate feminine hygiene wash, and cellulite gel, Lancopharm for Cesarin Cesarian scar treatment, we also sell ovulation kits and pregnancy test kits.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: Please tell us more about them?

Kenneth Otieno: I would say our key focus of Women’s Health Business is women and reproductive health. So our products have a strong bias to that. Among our  key brands/ products and for the very first time officially in Kenya; we just launched Conceive Plus range of fertility friendly lubricants in January. This brand allows couples to enjoy the sensual pleasure of a silicone based lubricant gel with the added benefit of being pro-conception and thus significantly improving their chances of having a baby. It’s basically a baby making gel. Sales of this have skyrocketed beyond expectation especially in this Covid-19 season. For the gentlemen we have Conceive Plus Motility Support capsules which helps improve sperm quality especially sperm morphology, sperm motility and sperm volume. We also provide Fertipil capsules for men and women which improve egg quality for ladies and sperm quality in the gentleman with an addition of Siberian Ginseng for libido. For ladies who’d want to avoid using soap in their intimate cleaning of their lady parts we have Crevil intimate wash lotion which is a soap free feminine hygiene wash with lactic acid to ensure the natural and healthy vaginal micro flora is maintained.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: Do I need a doctor’s prescription to purchase your goods or enjoy your services?

Kenneth Otieno: For the products on the Fertility Shoppe you don’t need a prescription. Most are registered as medical devices or as consumer healthcare brands for General sale. We have other prescription only brands that we reserve for our discussions with doctors and other healthcare professionals. Those would not feature on the Fertility Shoppe page.

Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: How widely available are your products and services?

Kenneth Otieno: Our products are available online and in all leading wholesale and retail pharmacies countywide. If you walked into any Goodlife pharmacy for instance you’d find these brands there. Elizabeth “Kwambie” Nyambane: How soon after ordering should I expect my purchase?

Kenneth Otieno: Online we generally deliver the same day in Nairobi for orders placed before 5pm and next day for upcountry customers.

Elizabeth “Kwambie”Nyambane: Your parting shot to the readers and followers of Wacha niKwambie blog Kenya?

Kenneth Otieno: Wanting to have children is for most people one of humanity’s deepest instincts. It’s a craving many people are born with and expect to happen naturally when the time comes. However we all know somebody who has had or still has challenges conceiving. They need your love and support and not sympathy or pity.  There are many wonderful new treatments available from the simple upto the most complex like IUI or IVF and many will eventually be successful. For some people this dream may not come true and they may need support to accept this outcome too.

For more information and trade inquiries o not hesitate to call 0794429991.