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Turning your passion into a business: on finding your passion

10th September 2020

Welcome to September 2020 which happens to be our focus on Entrepreneurship month in Wacha niKwambie blog, Kenya. This month we are guided by a popular quote attributed to one Terri Guillemets “Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.” And I dare add a local Kenyan twist to it, “Chase down your passion like it’s the last Citi Hoppa at Kencom, Nairobi County before the curfew sets in at 9 pm.” Over to this ‘new normal’ year, so much creativity has budded in many of us igniting passions and many of us are thinking of how to turn those passions into viable businesses. Turning your passion into a business is our focus area for this month. Hope you enjoy the ride with us.

So how does one find or know their passion? Happily, there are several ways to know ones passion in life.

Is there something you already really love doing?
Something that you enjoyed doing as a child? Something that you naturally love?
What do you like reading about? Surfing on the internet for? Watching on TV? Talking about?

These are some questions that one could ask oneself when trying to discover ones passion in life. S.H.A..P.E. this acronym was coined by popular writer Rick Warren of the book “The Purpose Driven Life”‘ that helps one discover their purpose and passion in life. S stands for Spiritual Gifts Some of the spiritual gifts that have been cited in the Bible include; Administration that is being able to guide or direct a group of people towards a goal or destination, Discernment that is the ability to judge or appraise a situation, Encouragement, Faith that is having confidence, certainty, trust or assurance, Giving, Knowledge, Healing, Leadership, Service, Prophecy and many more other gifts

H stands for Heart
What is that which sets your heart on fire? Makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What are those activities or interests that provide you with a reason to serve and love? What would you die fighting for?

A stands for Abilities and Aptitudes
Everyone in the planet has things that they are naturally good at. Our natural abilities are God given talent and direct us to our passions and purpose in life. Some of us are naturally good at singing, sports, cooking, talking, writing, fashion and style, business acumen, farming, encouraging others, D.I.Y. that is Do It Yourself and so forth and so on.

P stands or Personality
Although some personalities on face value may seem “better ” than others in actual fact is that every personality type counts, forming the beautiful tapestry called humanity. We all need each other in the planet. Your personality has to do with your temperament; are you an extrovert or an introvert, bubbly or quiet and introspective for example. You will find that different personalities match different business opportunities and professions too. This is a link to a free online personality test that will show you your personality type and what your personality is inclined to I am blessed to be an ENFJ. Loved and “Hated” by some in equal measure and I am at peace with my personality type.

E stands for Experience
Every good or bad experience in life moulds one into ones purpose and passion for life. Your child hood experience, your education, the joys and sorrows sharpen your sword to hack this life.  On that note, on this day that my beloved brother passed on, I celebrate all the young men out there trying their best to be the best version of themselves, every day and in every way. I am also thankful for the experience of the iconic love of a brother, indeed the risk of love is sorrow. And I can condole with anyone who has undergone adversity/ sorrow in life, and tap into my own
personal experience as a source of hope to someone else.

So care to share your passions with us?
“Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.”– Terri Guillemets.
September 2020 – Turning your passion into a business
© Kwambie Nyambane,

P.S. Rest easy my darling brother – Joash Agwata Nyambane. I will love you until the end of the time. Hope you liked the look I wore for you for the memorial.