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Things to consider when moving/travelling to a new country

10th October 2020

We made it to the last quarter of the year our dear reader, we did! Despite all the drama of 2020, if you are reading this article it means that you are alive and it is reason enough to be thankful. Over the past few months we have noticed an upsurge in engagement and connections made across the globe. As we have been lockdowned, quarantined and curfewed we have made new friends and connections all over the globe. As the world starts the slow healing journey from this global pandemic many of us are going to perhaps desire to expand our territories and explore the rest of the world whether for business or leisure, whether for family, romance, business or professional opportunities.

Enter the second last focus are for the Wacha niKwambie blog this year of 2020 dubbed, ‘I am a citizen of the world.’ We will explore different aspects of living and loving across the globe. Our first stop, what should one consider when moving/travelling to a foreign country?

Finances & Work
How will you make a living in the foreign country? Consider the opportunity costs of moving from the country that you are currently living and living in a new country. Some are fortunate enough to move as expatriates such that some of their day to day living needs e.g. home, transport and schools that their children will attend are catered for.

Closely related to this are the requirements to open a BANK ACCOUNT. Find out prior to relocation the requirements to open a bank account for foreigners in the country that you are moving to.

You should have a valid visa and work permit to freely live and work as a foreigner in another country.

Relocation Costs
To relocate to another country one will need transport for oneself, sometimes other family members and personal items. Fortunately, there are several options in this day and age to help one move ones personal possessions around the globe. Others are fortunate to have family or next employers foot their cost of relocation.

Cultural & Religious Differences
When relocating to a different country, it is good to be aware of differences in culture and religion. This will affect different aspects of ones life e.g. dress code food eaten, society’s norms and expectations. Before you travel, get to know the different aspects of culture and religion from your country of origin. Appreciate the diversity of human culture all over the globe. You are after all – a human being, a citizen of the world!

There are instances where one will have to learn the language so as to engage effectively. If in a foreign country for short stints, learn some common words and phrases from the country if different from your own. You can also get a translator to assist you in communication.

Missing Family and Friends
How will you cope with homesickness? When one moves to a foreign country making new friends may take a while and one may feel lonely as well as miss family and friends. This is when one takes advantage of technology to communicate with family and friends back at home. Let whatsapp, skype, zoom, messenger video and other online communication channels be your best friend.

Child Care and Education
If you have children under you care it would be wise to consider education opportunities as you relocate and see how well your children can transition from their current education to what is available in the foreign country. For many relocation offers better learning opportunities for ones children, for others it may be a downgrade, so weigh all options available.

Consider too childcare services like day cares, nurseries, nannies. Some with very young children are blessed to travel with their nannies as they move from one country to another considering them key in the seamless transition and settling into the new country especially where such services are extremely expensive locally or only available to a privileged few.

Food & Groceries
Know where to find food and groceries that you are used to, but also be open minded to new healthy tastes and food experiences when in a foreign country.

Weather & Climate
Find out whether this may impend you and your family’s health and what you need to do to keep yourselves healthy as you acclimatize to these new weather and climate circumstances.

Available Medical Facilities
Many companies offer world class international medical cover that is mandatory when travelling to foreign lands do your research on the best international medical cover available to you before you travel.

Internet Speed & Reliability
Find out as much as possible on the country that you are travelling to before you set sail so to spea

k for a smooth landing and transitioning into your new life.Can you think of other aspects of life to consider when relocating to a foreign country?
The coming week we will explore what to consider when learning, working and doing business in a foreign country.

A Happy New Month and A Happy new October is wished to all.
‘Wacha niKwambie’


Living, loving and working in a foreign country.
© Kwambie Nyambane,
October 2020