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Because Home is a Feeling -Why do a home makeover?

6th November 2020

Every November since I began blog, we focus on Homes as we turn to the last lap of the year. Home is very close to everyone’s heart as that is where we get rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul to face life out there. This year took a special twist in My Life:with so much going on. At one time I contemplated moving houses to give my son and I a new start and a new break – but after doing the math I realized that we love our neighborhood, our neighbours, access to amenities and the centrality of the location hence the need of a make over to give my son and I and our nanny a new lease of life. Our home make over has been one mainly for emotional reasons. It begun at the beginning of the year with a purge of clutter and is still ongoing. It has been lots of fun too as we pick each item, piece by piece with my son, creating lasting memories as we D.I.Y.

Whether you live in your own home or rented space, whether in an upmarket, middle class or lowly location – Home is Home and it is up to one to make it as comfortable, as homely and as beautiful as one desires. A home with positive vibes. A home that ones family is proud of and comfortable in. A home with a wonderful feeling.

There are several hacks to make a home make over not a financial strain too. And will be some of the nuggets we will unearth along the way.
There are several reasons why people have home make overs and will be my musings this first week of November 2020.

Home is where we get to interact with family and friends, make new memories. We try to make it as cosy and as comfortable as possible.
For the home owner. A home is possibly one of the most valued possessions in ones life hence the need to maintain if not increase its financial value over time.

Perhaps you feel like your living space is jaded or has been overtaken with time that is it is outdated.

A home make over will suffice to make your living space modern.
If you invest in a good and comfortable home you find the need of going out diminishing as you enjoy hosting and relaxing with your family and friends at home, this can save a pretty penny.

Other home make overs may happen to make a home as secure and as safe as possible. For example fixing leaking roofs, electrical malfunctions.
A home make over may also improve its functionality. For example in these times of the corona virus pandemic many have had to change their living spaces to accommodate working from home.

In these times of environmental conservation, many may also have a home make over to increase energy efficiency and conserve the environment.

Last but not least, home make overs are an excellent way to exercise ones creativity. So why not?

I hope these reasons have inspired you to have a home make over. A happy new November is wished to all.
“Wacha niKwambie”
November 2020 – Home is where the heart is
On home make overs
© Kwambie Nyambane,
November 2020.