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Because Home is a Feeling – on Home Makeovers on a Budget

21st November 2020

The reality on the ground is that these corona times have made many of us tighten our budgets and a high end home make over may not be a top priority for now.

However, one may crave a home make over to give their home a new lease of life during these corona times as we find ourselves spending most of our free time at home to curb the spread of the pandemic. This week we are going to discuss a few hacks that could give our homes a makeover on a budget.

Anything that is broken, jaded, faded, outdated or that has not been used for the past or that holds no sentimental value should be gotten rid of or if in good quality given away. I realized I was in the hoarders club until I decided to make Decluttering a routine practice and then I realized how freer my home became as opposed to when it was full of junk.

Paint one wall of a room a different colour from the rest and make it a focal wall of the room. Create a memory wall in your home where you can put different artefacts or pictures reminding you of different generations/ members of your family, places that you have travelled to.
Use of classy wall paper to give your walls a unique and stylish finish.
Make one wall a brick wall.

Rearrange furniture
Changing the arrangement of furniture in your home can also bring a new lease of life.

Recycle or reupholster furniture

Other home make over ideas include
-Use of plants
-Use of portraits, murals, paintings, hanging ornaments
-Use of lamps and lampshades
-Use of lighting
-Mirrors -strategic use of mirrors can make a small house look bigger.
-Use of rugs and carpets
-Themed classy cutlery and crockery
-Changing curtains and sheers
-Change of bed linen, blankets, throws and duvets
-Change of shower curtains and towels

Care to share other simple ways of having a home make over?
We end the month of November 2020 next week on how to have the most important make over in a home; beyond walls, furniture, floors, paintings, decor and design- the makeover of the vibe and heart in a home. Because home is not just a place, but home is an experience and indeed a feeling.
‘Wacha niKwambie’

November 2020 – Because home is where the heart is and because home is a
On home make overs

© Kwambie Nyambane,
November 2020