On home makeover of the heart

On home makeover of the heart

What truly truly makes a home a place of comfort, peace and love that goes beyond décor and design hacks that we have discussed these past few weeks? It entails how we interact and treat those whom we share a home with. Here are a few nuggets on the make over of the heart of a home;

Be a good housemate and do little favours to those you live without expecting anything in return or keeping tab. Random acts of kindness are just that, it is not tit for tat.

Have some sentimental artefacts in your home that bring warm feelings of family. It could be a painting done by your children, awards and trophies won, photos of memorable moments in the family. That way when one reaches at home they feel at home.

If you have not been doing so try and at least share one meal together as a family or with your house mates each day. Put more thought into creation and presentation of meals.

Invest in things that cultivate experiences at home eg. Work out gear, barbecues, good home entertainment electronics or whatever catches your fancy as housemates or as a family. And use them.

Be versatile to the idea that families change: new babies are born, family members die, toddlers grow up and become teenagers, people break up, people remarry. Even as you relish memories of the past – move with the changes in your family and try to avoid remaining fixated with “the good old days” feeling.

No yelling and absolutely no physical fights or judging your housemate/family member for their lifestyle or choices in life that may differ from yours or your expectations of them. Instead affirm and encourage each other.

Work towards financial security. Financial security is a source of great joy and happiness, peace of mind for those who share a home. The converse also being true. Financial insecurity is a source of great stress and strife in many a home.

Closely related to this is living within your means and avoiding the mentality of “Keeping up with the Joneses.” or is it the neighbours next door. Do things at your own financial pace and strength, prioritise as you work towards the experiences and material things you desire for your family in this life.

Have fun activities together.
Celebrate wins.
Huddle tight in down times.

Have family rituals. The traditions that define you as a family. For example celebration of birthdays, new borns, how you spend public holidays together. In my nest for example Sunday is a day of complete rest and family time. Sunday breakfast is always cooked by me, ‘mama’ and we really go out of the way to celebrate Sunday with each other

Declutter and make sure that the rooms are neat before you leave home. A neat, clean home brings feelings of peace when one arrives at home as opposed to one full of dirt and clutter.

Communicate and talk to each other in the course of the day.
Utilize the five senses at home. A home that smells good, with tasteful meals, soothing music or inspiring conversation, with furniture or artefacts that are appealing to touch and a home that looks good makes home a place that people look forward to coming to at the end of the day.

With those nuggets brings an end to November 2020, where we focused on home make overs in a theme dubbed, “Because home is where the heart is and because home is a feeling”

See you all in December.

‘Wacha niKwambie’
November 2020 – Because home is a feeling
On home make overs of the heart.