Joesli Muesli – A product review

14th December 2020

Every once in a while the blog is blessed to do a product review of a locally manufactured product made in Kenya in an initiative known as Buy Made in Kenya Grow Kenya . Recently we were able to sample some locally manufactured muesli.

A look into Wikipedia describes muesli as a cold oatmeal dish based on rolled oats and ingredients like grains, nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits. This mix may be combined with one or more liquids like water, milk, yoghurt, or fruit juice and left for a time to soften the oats before being consumed.

Developed around 1900 by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital, it is now eaten as a standard breakfast dish, and also in Switzerland as a supper called Birchermüesli complet: muesli with Café complet (milk coffee, accompanied with bread, butter, and jam) it is now eaten the world over and is now locally available in our Kenyan shores made by our own home grown manufacturers.

It is a ready to eat and easy to prepare meal and snack.

So what are the benefits of health of muesli?

  1. It is healthier than other cereals; less in sugar and other calories.
  2. It is higher in fibre and whole grains.
  3. It leads to a faster feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  4. It is rich in nutrients.

We recently sampled Joesli Muesli.


Cashew nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Natural Honey
No preservatives

We added only whole milk to our muesli and we were good to go for our breakfast. Delicious, crunchy, fruity, filling breakfast to say the least. What I found interesting is that we needed smaller portions of this breakfast meal as compared to other breakfast cereals in the market.

My nieces also recommended Joesli muesli with yoghurt as a snack option when they came over.

Overall rating; awesome
For trade inquiries contact Joesli Foods 0722 825258.
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