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Dash Foods indigenous Kenyan Flours – a product review

19th December 2020

Buy Made in Kenya, Grow Kenya
We were blessed to sample and review four different types of indigenous Kenyan flours that are locally manufactured by a company known as Dash Crop Ltd located in Rongo, Migori County, Kenya.

The range of flours retails under the brand name Dash Foods. Indigenous Kenyan flours like finger millet, cassava , amaranth and sorghum are rich sources of nutrients.

The flours are available in 1kg packaging.
The products are approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and bear its seal of approval. They are currently available in Kenya and the wide East African market

Finger Millet
Rich in Potassium. Potassium keeps our kidneys and heart functioning properly. Helps nerves transmit signals and ensures that the brain and muscles work smoothly.

B- vitamins assist in brain function and healthy cell division
Rich in dietary fibre that controls bad cholesterol
Has lower levels of simple sugars and higher levels of complex carbohydrates which take a longer time to digest hence keeping blood sugars low.
Helps support good bacteria in ones gut.
Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Has some nutrients however also contains some antinutrients meaning it has dangerous effects if eaten in raw and large amounts.
Cassava contains the following nutrients;
However when cassava is processed it has limited nutritional value.
Since it also contains antinutrients it should be consumed on occasion.

This is highly nutritious.
It is rich in fibre and protein hence good for those desiring weight loss.
It contains the following micronutrients; Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Selenium and Copper
It is rich in antioxidants.
It is gluten free.
Other benefits of amaranth in ones diet includes; reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol levels and increased weight loss.

Sorgum is rich in carbohydrates, protein, B -vitamins, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc.
It is a gluten free flour.

Dash Foods Composite Ugali Flour
Ugali is the most common and popular Kenyan meal. It is a main source of carbohydrate. The most common flours for ugali are maize and millet flour. The Dash Foods variant is however a composite flour containing sorghum, finger millet, amaranth and cassava.

Dash Foods Composite Porridge Flour (Unfermented)
Kenyan porridge is normally made from millet flour. The Dash Foods variant is however a composite flour comprised of finger millet, cassava and amaranth

Dash Foods Composite Porridge Flour (Fermented)
Kenyanporridge is normally made from millet flour. The Dash Foods variant is however a composite flour comprised of finger millet, cassava and amaranth. The fermented variant gives the sour taste that is popular in fermented porridge.

Dash Foods Gluten Free Pure Cassava Flour fortified with sorghum, finger millet, cassava and amaranth
Gluten free flours are popular to those people that are hypersensitive to gluten. It is suitable for baked products such as cakes, biscuits, cookies and pancakes.

We were able to sample the above four flours and the foods were delicious with a unique and rich taste.The meals that we enjoyed from this array of flours with my family;

Fermented and non fermented porridge
Gluten free pure cassava flour pancakes.

For more information and trade inquiries please contact;

Dash Crop Ltd P.O. Box 84 Rongo
Telephone number 0771405020
Email: info@,

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