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To new beginnings – on budding love

It is February, the month celebrated the world over for love.

This year the blog muses along with those in new and budding romantic relationships in a month long theme dubbed; To new beginnings.

The following are some pointers;

Make time for quality physical time.

Particularly, avoid conveying important information via text messages or phone calls but share the same on a one on one. Find something that you enjoying doing together, try a new activity together and most of all have fun together!

Be real and who you are from the word go

Many of us found ourselves in past relationships where your partner never appreciated you for who you are. Perhaps even down playing your efforts and even putting down your physical appearance, over the years you began losing yourself, doubting yourself, eating away at your self esteem and sense of self worth. To please them and make them happy you found yourself trying to be someone else, perfect in your partner's eyes. "Maybe if I talk less, lose weight, wear long weaves, he will love me more."

Thing is if someone does not appreciate you for who you are, does not appreciate that we are all work in progress and you are constantly trying to put your best foot forward then a relationship becomes like hard work, walking on egg shells where you cannot be your relaxed and authentic self.

So if in a budding relationship, if love has given you a second chance - be real and be who you are, from the word go. If someone does not appreciate you, ‘pole sana ‘ there is someone out there of the 7.8 billion people in the planet who will. And let it be that way as you continue relating and growing the relationship.

Give and take

Learn how to give and take. If you are in a relationship where you are the one always paying for dates, treats and gifts then this is a one sided /lop sided relationship. Also when in a young relationship, do not be quick to share things like bank account details, debit cards, funding projects, in depth information about your finances etc. Unless in a truly monogamous relationship or married, your hard earned money/assets is/are yours and yours alone and you have the free will to spend it/them how you wish to. This safeguards those in fairly new relationships from financial predators who lurk out there

Do not ignore the negative traits

Please please do not ignore the negative traits in a person at the onset of a relationship. What are your relationship deal breakers? Sometimes if we are are truly honest ourselves we may find ourselves excited about the idea of a relationship and not truly attracted to the person or their values.

Last but not least, Practise gratitude.

Celebrate your partner, your relationship, you are in love!

Can you think of other nuggets that you would give someone in a budding relationship?

A Happy Valentine’s Week is wished to all!

"Wacha niKwambie" February 2021 - To new beginnings
On budding love
On new love
On reigniting the flame
© Kwambie Nyambane, February 2021

PS: This Valentine’s season is dedicated to the memory of my late brother Joash, love from the past, my son the Champ, love in the present, they both give me hope for a budding and new love, the future.