Some red flags for dating single parents

I recently asked my friends to share their thoughts on what are some red flags that a single parent should look out for on a potential partner who might not have the best interests of their child(ren) in mind. These are the answers that I got.

If they only focus on you and not your child. Like getting you gifts and not your child.
S. Sitati

Wants you to completely cut off ties with father of your children.
M. Kakuti

If they don’t have kids themselves because they do not want kids. And everything about kids irritates them.
J. Ngari

If he cant go on dates with your child included and is quick to recommend that you leave your child behind…especially during the beginning of your relationship’.
C. Mugo

Not ever asking how the child/ children are doing.
P. Macharia

If he or she has children and never talks about them, or is not responsible over them. Or if he or she has children and during your dates only talks about his or her set of kids and never asks you about yours.

Do you agree with our thoughts?
Might you have any more pointers on red flags that a dating single parent should look out with regards to the welfare of ones child(ren)?

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