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Choosing a kindergarten for your pre-schooler

The choice of the kindergarten that your child will attend is the first rung in the journey of education that your child will undertake for the rest of their lives. Early Learning sets the foundation for subsequent learning years. From my readings, it is at this stage that any learning difficulties can be detected and rectified in a good kindergarten.

There are several factors that a parent could consider in choosing a kindergarten.

  1. Curriculum
    This refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program.
  2. Values that the school espouses
    This holds true if you have a certain belief system in your life. The world over, the best time to inculcate values in a child is during the early learning years. On a personal note, one of the legacies my parents left me is my Christian faith and indeed this is a faith I wish to pass down to my lineage hence I have a bias for top education quality schools that espouse Christian values even from an early age.
  3. Cost
    The school fees should be the type that one can afford as a parent.
  4. Location
    You probably as a parent might be interested in a kindergarten that has an easy drop off and pick up for you as a parent. I remember as my son The Champ was about to join kindergarten, our first choice of kindergarten for him suddenly changed locations to a place that would prove inconvenient for us as a family, which necessitated us looking for
    the second best option.
  5. Class size
    Consider too the class size that is the student; teacher ratio Ensure that your child is in a kindergarten where the teacher is able to give individualised attention to your child.
  6. Are the teachers competent, enthusiastic and inspired to teach during these early learning years? The zeal and motivation of a teacher rubs on to their students
  7. Amenities
    As a parent or as a guardian you might want to ensure that the amenities in the school are of good quality. That they are of good hygiene. Consider the quality of the playground, dining area, the toilets and the kitchen where food preparation takes place.
  8. Nutrition
    If the school offers food to the early learners ensure that it offers all the necessary nutrients for growing tots and that it is prepared under the highest standards of hygiene.
  9. Distance and School transport
    Are you comfortable with the daily commute to and from school? Closely related to this is the availability of school transport to the little ones.
  10. Diversity and unique learning needs of each child
    In this day and age, another consideration that many parents would like to make is if the school accommodates children from diverse backgrounds. The world is becoming a melting pot of cultures and it would be wise to consider a school with children from diverse backgrounds for your child to appreciate the same. Consider too that children are gifted differently. Is the kindergarten able to identify those gifts and build up on them even from an early age? Some children are intellectually gifted and yet others may require more attention and time for adequate learning.
  11. Make a point to visit the school and judge for yourself what you see/ Do the children look happy to learn? Trust your instincts. You as a parent or as a guardian always have the best interests of your child at heart. You are the best judge of what you wish for your child’s school to be like.

Can you think of other factors to consider during these precious years, early learning years of your child’s education journey?
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March 2021 – To re (New)ed parenthood
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March 2021

Photo Credit: The writer of this article with her class teacher and her classmates around forty years ago. To God be the glory!

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