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To re(new)ed parenthood – of toddlers and preschoolers

A toddler is a child approximately 12-36 months of age. The word ‘toddler’ is derived from the word ‘toddle’ which means to walk unsteadily like a child of this age. The toddler years are a great time of cognitive, emotional and social development.
Toddlers develop in several ways:physical growth, motor skills, vision, hearing and speech. As the child goes through this stage he or she experiences different milestones. A preschooler on the other hand is a child who is not old enough to attend primary or elementary school. Usually aged between 3 to 5 years old.
All that we talked about care of the new born and the baby
here applies to the toddler and preschooler too but on a maturer scale. If you are blessed to have a toddler in your family you will still have to plan and budget for paediatrician/well baby visits, clothing, diapers, bed / sleep time, bath time, food and nutrition, play time, moving around but on a maturer scale. I guarantee you that in exchange for all those you will get some slobbery innocent kisses, hugs from your child and memorable Kodak moments.
However, as the child grows in toddler and preschooler stage there are three critical areas that a parent must be aware of:

Additional child care which includes nannies and day care centres.
Some qualities to consider when choosing a nanny for your toddler include; proactive, kind, responsible, maintains personal hygiene and grooming, enthusiastic, fun, literate, can understand dosage and administering of medication, keeps time, nurturing, knows how to make nutritious and enjoyable meals for the tot.
Some of the factors to consider when choosing a day care centre include;

  • Accreditation and licensing.
  • Good referrals from other parents/guardians
  • Has a caring and stimulating environment for children.
  • Has qualified care givers.
  • Is safe.
  • Has sufficient number of care givers to care for the children.

Body safety of the toddler.
From a very early age the preschooler should be taught of the importance of body safety that noone is allowed to touch their private parts.
The home should also be child proofed to ensure that it is safe enough for the movement of pre-schoolers and toddlers as they move around trying to learn and discover from the world around them.

Instilling discipline and behaviour.
Discipline is about helping your child learn how to behave. To effect discipline in the toddler or the pre-schooler cultivate a warm, loving and open relationship with your child.
Set limits and consequences for bad behaviour.

Praise and encourage good behaviour.
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March 2021 – To re(new)ed parenthood
Kwambie Nyambame,
March 2021