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A new heart – of love and joy

The wonder of April

What can I say about April? It is a month that truly heralds new beginnings. From spring in other parts of the world, to the long rains in Kenya, everything is fresh and new about it, representing opportunities for new growth and abundance. Not as obvious as shouting January with its “Happy New Years” but in a subtle fresh way April gives us all a second chance, not too late, to plant if we had not done so, to reset for the year, do it strong and finish strong in the coming months.

The April babies including my sister Dr. Mercy Nyanchama have the diamond as their birth stone; what precious stone could be more exquisite than that I wonder?

They say the day my sister Mercy was brought home is the day I learned how to walk, say the pressure of a new baby in my parent’s crib and to deliver on my own milestones as a toddler. April reminds one that if you have been slaking at some things since January it is about time to get your act together.

So to all the April babies out there and you are a multitude in my own family including my cousins Eileen and Martin, if I was asked to choose another birth month after mine for sure it would have been April. Happy Birthday Month to you!

And to the rest of us folks – a chance to plant, reset if need be and get it right.  

This month of April the blog continues with its 2021 theme “New Beginnings” with a focus on spiritual wellness, into matters of the spiritual heart, A New Heart that is. A time to refresh and reset the soul with positive vibes and emotions.

We begin with Love and Joy.

Of Love

Spiritual love is when you want to connect with another person mindwise, bodywise and to the core of their soul. You want to be close to the person all the time. When you are together you feel a passion that you have never felt before.

True love is spiritual in nature. Both physical and spiritual supplement each other when it comes to love.

Love is very important in our human existence as it produces feel good hormones and neuro chemical reactions that trigger specific positive reactions in our bodies.

Unconditional love and compassion lets us move from, “I, Me, Myself” to “We, Us, Ours”. Loving others makes life more meaningful.

There are different levels and types of love. There are different ways that we show those that we love that we do. The different ways that we show love to those that we care about revolve around  the five languages of love.

When you love someone there are indeed different ways to show your affection towards them. Gary Chapman in his book “Five languages of love” primarily written for romantic couples shares with us different ways of giving and receiving love. All of us he argues have a principal language of love. If you want to touch someone’s heart truly appreciate their language of love and express your love to them in that language. This concept does not only apply to romantic couples but also to family, friendships and leadership relationships.

1.Words of affirmation
You thrive in compliments and words that build you. Negative or insulting comments can hurt you. The compliments showing how much you care should be authentic.

2. Acts of service
You feel loved when someone does things for you. The actions are done with thought, time and effort put into them. The actions go beyond help and make life easier.

Such acts are normally appreciated when spontaneous and done without asking.

3. Receiving gifts
You feel loved and celebrated when you receive meaningful and thoughtful gifts. The emphasis is not on the item but on the effort taken in choosing a gift. Gifts are a sign that the person who sent you a gift is thinking of you.

4. Quality Time
This is social time set aside for your loved one. When you meet your loved one is the centre of attention. For a person that values Quality Time, cancelling a date and postponing time spent  together would hurt this person.

5. Physical touch
You feel loved when you experience physical touch in a relationship when holding hands, kissing and hugging. Without physical touch one feels unloved.

Happy New Month. Happy New April.


Kwambie Nyambane,

April 2021

A special Happy Birthday wish to my sister Dr. Mercy Nyanchama who turns in a new year this month of April 2021.  May you have many many more dear sis, thank you for the memories, and to many more awesome ones.