These past few months of my life I have found myself at the cross roads in different aspects  of My Life. To be honest I  begun feeling like I was losing myself with the myriad of changes taking place and ‘New Beginnings’ as I positively like to call them – to give myself hope . “Who is Kwambie Nyambane?,   “What  is my Personal Brand?”, I asked myself.

May be you are happy with your personal brand, may be you think that your personal brand requires a revamp or may be you are into New Beginnings like I am; enter this well researched read by one of the UK’s best brand strategists Kubi Springer that promises to build your brand without apology.

Some pertinent take homes:

“Every day you are making a statement about yourself even before you open your mouth to speak.

Define your brand or the world will define it for you. Your personal brand is not necessarily meant for everybody but for those who need it the most.

Your brand will not be liked, admired, adored or respected by everyone but that does not mean that you stop being your authentic self.”

The sighting of this treasure of a book could not have come at a better time. I spotted it as I had a random look at the window display of Prestige Bookshop, along Mama Ngina Street, a famous street in the city that I proudly call home, Nai or Nairobi, Kenya as it is named in the world map.

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC in 2020 it is a current and informative read. The book is written in workshop style as the author practically lets you do some work in self discovery on your personal brand.

It has several practical sessions that if the reader follows diligently is bound to come up with a picture of what their Personal Brand is all about.

I captured in note form some learnings that I took home from this book and urge everyone who is keen on discovering and building upon their own personal brand to read the book and better still get a personal copy for future reference.

I am my Brand  – On Brand Differentiation
What do you want to be known for? – that is Brand Differentiation. The writer of this book urges us all to own our truths and to stop projecting who we are not. Interesting to note that sometimes what you dislike about yourself is what people really like about you.

“What is your superpower?”, she asks. “What are those things that you are really good at? Hype on those.”

 I am my Brand – On Brand Packaging

The dear author in her endeavour to build our personal brands without apology addresses the issue of Brand Packaging that is how we dress.

Some notable quotes from this section of the book;

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Fashion is an instant language.”

“80% communication is non verbal.”

“Fashion is an attitude more than a clothing detail.”

“Create a visual appearance that grows with your core values, character and complexion.”

She goes on to mention style personality types. Looking at the different style personality styles that follow, which one might yours be?

  1. Dramatic personality
    Loves to make an entrance, loves structure, creates drama and adventure with their clothes.
  2. Classic personality
    Simple cuts, quality, no loud colours, often wears neutrals, nothing that shouts too loudly.
  3. Natural personality
    Dresses more for comfort than anything else. Tends to wear natural fabrics, unfussy and simple.
  4. Creative personality
    Likes to look different and edgy but not necessarily high fashion. They are more in touch with how clothes express their personality
  5. Romantic personality (can also be boho)
    Loves everything feminine, from fabric to cut to style. Loves clothes that are very lady like and gentle in appearance.

Loves everything feminine, from fabric to cut to style. Loves clothes that are very lady like and gentle in appearance.

I am my Brand – On Personal Brand Journey
The author introduces the concept of Personal Brand Journey. Over ones lifetime we have all undergone things that have defined who we are today, that is ones  Personal Brand Journey. Kubi encourages all her readers to do a Personal Brand Journey audit to help them discover themselves.

Divide your life into decades:

Under 10
11-18 years
19-29 years
40-50 years
51-60 years

Evaluate the following through the different seasons that we have defined above:

Hobbies and interests
Fun moments
Down moments
Defining moments
Lessons learned
Emerging beliefs
Friendship values

You will then begin to notice common themes in your life, who are you and what makes you tick or on the other hand what brings you down.

“Your personal brand is that emotional connection that your target audience has with you.”

#IAMMyBrand #newbeginnings

The book is an upbeat book and comes to an end surprisingly with a somewhat sad tale. Just two weeks into beginning writing the book, Kubi the author discovers that she can never have biological children of her own again as she goes into menopause on turning 40. She must be content with her one daughter. This makes her doubt her attractiveness and femininity as a woman.

As she is still processing the news of the end of her fertility she discovers or rather stumbles into news that her husband of two years has been having multiple affairs with women younger than her, in her own words, “Instagram worthy, with big butts and wasp thin waists”, this makes her depression surge further, as she now feels worthless with these betrayals. Her marriage irretrievably breaks down. Too embarrassed to share with her closest friends who thought she had the ideal marriage that defined her, part of her personal brand now destroyed she finds solace from her immediate family members.

She puts a break into writing her book, requests the publisher for a new deadline to submit the draft of this book and embarks on a journey of grief and files for divorce.

She asserts, “Life is a bitch, it will throw everything at you to test you and to give you a challenge to see what you are made of. Your true I AM shows through life’s darkest moments. It is in the pain that you rediscover you.” She urges us all to be that type of person who gets up, keeps going and delivering no matter what life throws our way.

I could not agree more. I need to add too that if a man likes you just because of having an instagram worthy body, to my girl friends what happens at the tail end of physical attraction? Does the relationship then come to an end? But I may have overstepped myself in this Book review here as this is the next focus area for the www.wachanikwambie.com blog dubbed “My Sexuality Anew” in July 2021.

What do you want to be known for and remembered for? Go yea forth and build your personal brand. Unapologetically.

This brings to an end some short muses on building your personal brand from my just concluded read.

I truly wish you dear reader of this blog all the best as you continue building your personal brand. Every day.

‘Wacha niKwambie’
June 2021 – I am my brand
On personal branding

Kwambie Nyambane,
June 2021

PS. I purchased this read on what would have been the 71st birthday of my beautiful and beloved mother; Mrs. Zibiah Moraa Nyambane. I miss you terribly Mummy. Every day is an effort to emulate you. I love you, Lissie.