8th October 2017

The state of Medical Education in Africa

Medical education in Africa has significantly evolved over the years. From the time when there were only 5 medical schools in the region, to the expansion era after African countries […]
21st September 2017

Online Education: Linking Up Africa With Some of the Best Colleges in the World

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Answer to Higher Education Bill Gates wrote in his 2015 letter to his foundation, that soon, world class education will just be several computer taps away, regardless of […]
17th July 2017

Importance of acknowledged certificates for online courses

Furnishing one’s CV with a list of qualifications is essential to getting ahead in many sectors of the economy. This holds true throughout the world, including in Africa. Receiving a […]
14th June 2017

Edtech: A growth area for Africa

A new educational frontier for Africa EdTech is the use of digital education technology to facilitate teaching and learning. It’s a rapidly expanding sector with enormous potential. Providers around the […]
18th March 2017

African skills gap: Why e-learning can close it!

Not a fun fact: There are 128 million school-aged children in sub-Sahara Africa; of these, 17 million children will never see a school. Here’s another: 37 million African children do […]