Family & Relationships

7th April 2021

A new heart of joy

If there is one thing I could take from my father’s life is how to be a joyful person. Despite any situation he was going through in life he always […]
6th April 2021

A new heart – of love and joy

The wonder of April What can I say about April? It is a month that truly heralds new beginnings. From spring in other parts of the world, to the long […]
28th March 2021

Choosing a kindergarten for your pre-schooler

The choice of the kindergarten that your child will attend is the first rung in the journey of education that your child will undertake for the rest of their lives. […]
28th March 2021

To re(new)ed parenthood – of toddlers and preschoolers

A toddler is a child approximately 12-36 months of age. The word ‘toddler’ is derived from the word ‘toddle’ which means to walk unsteadily like a child of this age. […]
25th March 2021

To re(newed) parenthood – care of the newborn

Wow, this week’s focus area takes me way back to a decade ago.The positive pregnancy test is now a fleeting memory, you have endured the thrills and woes of pregnancy. […]
16th March 2021

Of re(new)ed parenthood – of happiness in pregnancy

These are certain factors that will greatly affect your happiness state as a couple or as a single mother to be on a positive pregnancy test result. Was the pregnancy […]
11th March 2021

Of re(new)ed parenthood – pregnancy journey – check points

Checkpoint 1: First Trimester“Congratulations baby girl soon to be mama, you are pregnant!”A normal single human pregnancy is projected to last for forty weeks, multiple that is two or more […]
28th February 2021

To new beginnings – budding love of single parenthood

By statistics by far majority of single parents are women. This can be attributed to several situations: a child(ren) from a relationship that just did not work out, separation, divorce […]
27th February 2021

Some red flags for dating single parents

I recently asked my friends to share their thoughts on what are some red flags that a single parent should look out for on a potential partner who might not […]