Family & Relationships

22nd February 2021

To New Beginnings – On children from previous relationships

With maturity comes the freedom to choose with whom you wish to begin a relationship with. This blog post dwells on the aspect of a potential partner who has a child or children from a previous relationship.
14th February 2021

To new beginnings – on budding love

This year the blog muses along with those in new and budding romantic relationships in a month long theme dubbed; To new beginnings
1st February 2021

To new beginnings

A Happy New Year in February!!! Someone once told me that it is never too late to wish someone a Happy New Year if you have not met. So a Happy New Year to you our dear readers and followers, we are excited to be back after a long holiday break to do what we love doing the most; creating wellness and inspirational content.
30th November 2020

On home makeover of the heart

What truly truly makes a home a place of comfort, peace and love that goes beyond décor and design hacks that we have discussed these past few weeks? It entails […]
5th November 2020

On Having a Social Life Abroad

May be you are a foreigner in the country that you are presently are at or may be one day you will find yourself relocating to a foreign country -how […]
4th November 2020

43 People/Things That I’m thankful for today

Life. My immense faith in God. Jehovah, I am nothing without You. My angel parents. Mummy and Daddy watch over me. Every. Single. Day. My son, The Champ, mhandsome kajunior. […]
22nd July 2020

Love, Intimacy & Sex in times of ‘Rona’ for the singleton

When I had a chat with some of my single friends and what they seek in a potential mate, these are some of the responses that I got. “A mutual […]
28th June 2020

Our ‘dare to try new ‘ things list

Some ideas when trying out new things in life include; Taking up a new sport or physical fitness regimen. Trying out new recipes. Trying a new wardrobe or hairstyle look. […]
14th June 2020

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

We are living in unprecedented times. The corona virus Covid-19 pandemic has had as all adjusting to a new normal. Many of the ways we used to do things in […]