Family & Relationships

26th September 2018

Complicated or incomplete grief

With loss comes grief. Incomplete grief arises when  it is stalled or side tracked. Signs of incomplete grief include; Irritability or anger. Continued obsessing or musing over the deceased person. […]
15th September 2018

Life must go on: On loss of a sibling by Lucy Ngari

The loss of a sibling in adulthood can have many meanings:- -It is the loss of a brother or sister who shared a unique co-history with you. This person was […]
15th September 2018

Life must go on: On coping with grief by Lucy Ngari

When you’re grieving it is both important and difficult to take care of yourself. Your loss may take away your energy, your appetite and your emotional reserves. How to take […]
10th September 2018

Life must go on – soaring after loss in life

I recently lost my father and I took some time out to hibernate into my own thoughts, to count my losses, weep and mourn, recoup my losses and seek the […]
30th June 2018

Social Etiquette Tips

Apart from the work place on a day to day basis we get to interact with people on a social capacity. During this interaction there are expected norms and behaviours […]
30th June 2018

A Tribute in honour of the memory of my beloved father

… the greatest supporter of this Lifestyle Blog as read at CITAM (NPC) Valley Road Church, Nairobi on Wednesday, 13th June 2018… Daddy, you called me your “twin” daughter because […]
4th April 2018

Wacha niKwambie Blog announced as Nominee and Voting Opens for the 2018 BAKE Awards

Dear esteemed readers of Wacha niKwambie blog, Since 2012, the BAKE Awards has recognized and awarded exceptional Kenyan bloggers in different categories every year. It is organized by the Bloggers […]
16th February 2018

I want my child to succeed in school

The following conversation happens in Masomo Bora Academy, a leading academy in Kisii County Kenya that offers education from primary to high school. Kwambie is excited to meet  Mr.  Elimu […]
28th January 2018

“..So what is your role all about?” by William Avedi

At the center of all businesses, and I mean ALL, are people. Whether in their capacity as consumers, employees, suppliers or other stakeholders, people and the ways you engage, serve […]