26th March 2016

‘My financial health, my financial goals, my financialmeter!’

Am I satisfied with my current financial situation? Have I set financial goals and do I review them on a regular basis? Are my financial goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, […]
14th March 2016

I will be on top of my money by…..

1.  Earning money and using it in a meaningful way. 2. Changing my attitude to a positive attitude regarding money! 3. Going the  extra mile and working towards attainment of […]
7th November 2015

‘A house is not a home’: Kwambie and The Wapenzis.

Dear Readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’  I was  recently humbled to have a cup of coffee with The Wapenzis. Remember them? They shared with us a while back on the […]
31st October 2015

“I can see the finish line – running the entrepreneurs race” – Random thoughts on the financing life cycle of a business

Just like a human being, so does a business have its financing lifecycle. At the start up phase, many a businessman or woman for that matter must dig deeply into […]
24th October 2015

‘ I need you to cheer me on to complete the entrepreneurship race’: Focus on stakeholders to a business.

I am running the entrepreneurship race, I need you to cheer me on to finish the race. I will keep my end of the bargain dear employee and create an […]
16th October 2015

‘On my marks, get ready, set go’……. the race to start a business

I am revving, ready to start the race to begin my own business. I know I have the personal experience, talents, skill and knowledge to turn my dream into a […]
9th October 2015

Running My Own Gig – Do I have what it takes?

Do I have a firm belief in what I plan to offer the market? Yes. Do I dust myself and learn from my mistakes? Yes. Do I have a drive […]
30th March 2015

Financial Wellness a nutshell: Let it be said of me that my money works for me!

It all boils down to living within your means, saving and growing what you earn first and then spending the rest.   Many  of us grew up in homes where […]
23rd March 2015

Time to make your dream come true….musings from an entrepreneur.

Perhaps you have been dreaming of more free time, added income or just something more interesting than your job and you think that starting your own business is the way […]