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11th June 2018

I need me some good manners: an Introduction to Etiquette

The Cambridge English Dictionary describes the word Etiquette as “the set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations.” Etiquette varies across cultures, […]
11th June 2018

“Relax. Re-center. Rejuvenate.” the importance of taking a break from your daily routine

The first five months of the year have been an exhilarating ride for me  both from a personal, professional and blogging front. Apart from the day to day routine of […]
17th May 2018

Arorwet & Other Herbs – Menstrual and Digestive Herbs for Women

One cannot negate the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and how God gave us healing herbs, roots and trees. I have been on Arorwet for the past one and a […]
4th April 2018

Wacha niKwambie Blog announced as Nominee and Voting Opens for the 2018 BAKE Awards

Dear esteemed readers of Wacha niKwambie blog, Since 2012, the BAKE Awards has recognized and awarded exceptional Kenyan bloggers in different categories every year. It is organized by the Bloggers […]
1st April 2018

One last word on physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important irrespective of your age or gender. For the average adult it is recommended 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week and 150 minutes of moderate […]
31st March 2018

HEALTHY EATING LIFESTYLE: A KENYAN PERSPECTIVE – An Interview with Kepha Nyanumba, Consultant Nutritionist AAR Healthcare, Kenya

Elizabeth “Kwambie”: Thank you Kepha for giving the Wacha niKwambie  blog an opportunity to interview you on Good Eating practices with a focus on Kenya. May I begin by understanding […]
27th March 2018

The Benefits of Exercise

Whether you consider yourself old or young or anything in between. Whether you are naturally fit or not. Whether man, woman, boy or girl- exercise is good for you. Exercise […]
24th March 2018

Foods that boost health in target body areas

Foods taken in their right proportions and portions are necessary for good health. However, there are certain foods that have superior nutritional benefits over others for targeted use in the […]
4th March 2018

FROM FLAB AT 40 TO FAB AT 40…….My journey to being a fitter me.

Last year began a vigorous campaign in my life, seven months – dabbed from flab@40tofab@40 to take charge of my life and get my healthier body back by my 40th […]