9th March 2017


This month of March 2017, I am glad to be joined by my friend and Energy expert Andrew Amadi in a month dubbed ‘Úongozi Hodari na Akiba Haiozi’ March 2017 […]
17th April 2016

A few tips on Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication is in three levels: – What a leader says to himself or herself.This is normally dependent on one’s attitude and affects ones self esteem and confidence. – What […]
2nd April 2016

Leadership hurdles

Inspiring others Developing their teams Guiding change Organizational politics Pressure to succeed Leading former peers Choosing appropriate leadership style Continually improving oneself. Asking for help Disciplining errant team members Balancing […]
20th March 2016

A moment with Kiongozi Hodari …… Thoughts on Leadership

Kiongozi Hodari:  Hello Kwambie, I am excited to have a moment with the readers of ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’  and share with them my learnings over the years on the traits […]
30th January 2016

Setbacks caused by Fear and how to conquer Fear

Sadly , Dr. Fear Not/ Akili Timau was not able to make it to ‘Wacha niKwambie Uzima’ studio today as agreed to tackle the subject of ‘setbacks in life caused […]
30th December 2015

Safari Tunayo! – Wacha ni Kwambie Uzima Travels December 2015(Global destinations)

This December, the blog took a break from its monthly focus areas to visit different parts of the globe by e-travel, if you may call it. Behind our laptops, phones […]
11th December 2015

Travel checklist and wishes for the holiday season…2015

Going on vacation? Here is a quick checklist! Accommodation. Find out the weather conditions in my travels. Airline requirements and hand luggage. If driving, is the car in mint condition? […]
5th December 2015

“My bathroom and kitchen, my pride – tips on pimping them up”

To pimp up ones  kitchen one may choose to focus on small changes, or make big changes or on the other hand go with incorporating a theme.  Small changes include […]
5th December 2015

‘ Pimping up my living room – facts to consider when designing my living room’

Do Have  an organized living room. Consider your budget and financial resources.  Incorporate colour into ones living room. Consider the size of your living room and furniture. Consider different forms […]