Happy Heavenly 68th Birthday Daddy

It is the eve of dad’s birthday
Congratulations to our rivals Manchester City for lifting the Premier League Title 2021, as for my boy The Champ and I we will forever remain fans of Liverpool FC. So kudos Liverpool FC for coming in third. We will be back after 83 days.

This week my beloved father would have turned 68 years young. Dad, so many lessons that I learned from you. Honour your father and your mother. It comes with immense blessing to you life. You celebrated your parents all of your life.

Parenthood is not a chore but to be enjoyed. You made us believe that we your kids were the best thing that ever happened to you. Thank you Daddy for all the parents days, speech days, it was always a joy spotting your jolly face in the crowd, hearing your name being called out Nyambane on prize giving day, the unexpected and random visits at JKUAT, walking me down the aisle – accepting me back home after the biggest goof of my life posthumously because I know home will always be home.

It is not where you come from but where you are heading to. You beat abject poverty and ignorance Dad and made a way for many more after you, I salute you. I am a beneficiary of your vision. Proverbs 10:31 A good man leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.’
You never ceased to learn.
You made mistakes. But we all do. You asked for forgiveness Dad – we forgave you. No father wounds here; we moved on my Beloved.
You taught me what a good man is;
He must love God and put Him first in his life.
He must be a go getter.
He must love his work, his hustle, his jobo, his gig, call it what you may.
He must be kind.
He must have a beautiful mind.
He must respect women.
He must love children.
He must be sometimes wacky, crazy and fun and yet
He must own up to his responsibilities as a man.
He must make me laugh.

So as we celebrate your birthday on this realm and you up yonder there, you gave me wings and taught me how to fly alone and to soar with the eagles without you physically by my side

I love you Dad.
Happy Heavenly 68th birthday Daddy Prof. James Nyambane Ombega, OGW.

© Kwambie Nyambane,
May 2021.